A comprehensive commercial and industrial property solution.

Amber Dawn was born out of the vision of the developers of the Imbonini Industrial Park, located just outside Ballito on the North Coast. The enormous potential of Imbonini and its ultimate success can be attributed to the co-operative pooling of diverse skills and experience within the Amber Dawn team. Success starts with a can-do attitude, and since 2008, that is exactly what Amber Dawn has achieved.

Today, Amber Dawn's services cover all aspects of the commercial, industrial and retail property industry, namely: strategic investment, project management, property management, sales and leasing, administration and accounting. We offer a comprehensive commercial, industrial and retail property solution for investors and property owners alike.

Amber Dawn's involvement in all developments is from inception through to completion ensuring continuity and thus the development's success. This also means that we can provide a unique insight into strategic investment opportunities for you within these developments. We can tailor make investment packages based on your requirements combined with our detailed knowledge about what each development has to offer.

Amber Dawn's project management services cover all aspects of a development - from rezoning the land to the construction phase of a development, pre and post launch. Once construction is complete, we provide a full property management service, including marketing the development, lease administration and cash flow management. With access to a database of national retailers, investors and industrialists, our sales and leasing division can ensure that the development is promoted to the ideal market. This division includes sales, leasing and auctions and all related technical, legal and financial aspects.

Finally, Amber Dawn's administration and accounting division integrates with all our other divisions to offer financial and administrative services that cover every aspect of property development, management and marketing.

Our key players, together with the Amber Dawn team as a whole, have vast experience in all areas of property development. The combined services of our divisions allow us to provide strategic investment opportunities within a comprehensive commercial, industrial and retail property solution.

Amber Dawn has the vision to identify and create developments and investments, and are dedicated to maximising the potential of our clients' properties. We believe that there are no obstacles, setbacks or problems - only challenges, opportunities and solutions.


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