Project management is a cornerstone to the ultimate success of any development.  One of our many skills at Amber Dawn, is the ability to ensure that every aspect of project management - pre and post launch, during and after the construction phase - is handled smoothly and effectively.

We take pride in providing efficient planning, organizing and managing of the development project, including managing the professional teams and other resources, from inception to completion.

Specific features of our project management service include, but are not limited to:
  • Rezoning applications
  • Negotiating the civils bill of costs
  • Negotiating the service agreements
  • Township planning / site development plans
  • Architectural design concepts
  • Security plan formation
  • Implementing environmental management plans and landscaping plans
  • Implementing parking management plans
  • Implementing Site and Civils management
  • Managing the top level construction
  • Site hand over
  • Snag list management
  • Occupation management and tenant liaison
  • Evaluation of selling prices and rentals
  • Draft and negotiate sales and lease agreements
  • Property accounting services
  • Body Corporate, Owners Association, Merchant Association and Tenant committee establishment and management
  • Property management and administration
  • Formulating the Development feasibility and managing the cash flow during the project.


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